About Us

BDMS will be a market leader in master data solutions for acquiring, managing and transforming a company’s product information into persuasive and personalized content for marketing, sales, digital commerce and new market opportunities. BDMS will help businesses succeed in a digital world. Using audience data and advanced real-time analytics, BDMS creates hyper-relevant content recommendations, targeted advertising, and predictive search that helps increase digital revenue for publishers, and provide users with a better experience. By capitalizing on Big Data to match user preferences and create unprecedented personalization online, publishers gain more engaged and loyal readers, higher advertising revenue, and increased digital subscribership.

− The past several years have transformed enterprise information management, creating challenges and opportunities for companies seeking to extract value from a sea of data assets. In response to this, established IT vendors as well as legions of newer solution providers have rushed to create the tools to do just that.

− Regulatory mandates that specify the way information is captured and protected and how long it must be retained have caused companies to amass data at levels thought unimaginable in the past. Compounding this trend is the data pouring from machines, the web, and social media.

− The phenomenon that has resulted from the ensuing variety, velocity, and volume of information is called “big data.” And while that term is overused, it is only because it is such a ubiquitous force.

− Business leaders want to do more than simply store all that data for compliance purposes. They seek to derive value and insight from it for competitive advantage. As a result, rampant data growth and the need for solutions to handle it have provided an impetus for IT innovation

− BDMS is also driven by a relentless focus on people: who they are, what they need, what they want, and what they expect. Our solution enables businesses to understand individuals and deliver experiences tuned to their needs and preferences. Data signals are drawn from all screens and sources and used to improve experiences across all consumer touchpoints.

− What’s more, BDMS learns iteratively, continuously responding to new data signals and data sources, to enable smarter interactions, deeper engagement, and improved revenue performance.